Florentine Opera for Kids! The Three Little Pigs at the Milwaukee Public Library

The Florentine Opera is excited to present John Davies’ operatic arrangement of The Three Little Pigs, telling the classic children’s tale to the music of W.A. Mozart.  While brother pigs Don Giovanni and Cherubino set off to make homes of straw and sticks, their sister, Despina, goes to the library to read up on “huff-proof, puff-proof” home construction.  After Wolfgang Bigbad blows down the boys’ flimsy homes, they run to their sister’s sturdy new brick house quite ready to admit that going to the library and reading books is a pretty smart thing to do after all.

Despina – Soprano Nicole Heinen
Cherubino – Mezzo-soprano Briana Moynihan
Don Giovanni – Tenor Nicholas Huff
Wolfgang Bigbad – Baritone Nathaniel Hill
Piano – Ruben Piirainen

Length: 40 minutes
Performed in English
(suitable for grades K-5)
By John Davies

Date and Time

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 10:30 am


Milwaukee Public Library
814 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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