From Beginning To “bravo!”, Students Can Get Opera

The Florentine Opera is proud to offer high school students the opportunity to watch and learn from the nation’s sixth oldest opera company in action! GET OPERA provides:

– An in-school visit from Florentine Opera staff and the Baumgartner Studio Artists (scheduling based on availability).

– Background information on the opera for teachers and students.

– Live performances of select operatic works.

Students will have the opportunity to talk with both staff and artists about the upcoming opera performance, opera-related career opportunities and any aspects of the opera artform, in an open question and answer session. GET OPERA also provides student tickets to participating high school and middle school groups.

This opportunity allows teachers to enhance the learning environment through the arts, provides curriculum or cross-curricular opportunities and most importantly — it allows for a meaningful experience from beginning to ‘Bravo’! GET OPERA is not limited to music students, and we encourage all who are interested to apply—numerous high school language, History and English teachers take advantage of our GET OPERA program each season.

For program and pricing information please contact John Stumpff.