Opera On The Go!


An operatic version of the SHARP Literacy story ‘A Busy Bee’, composed by Ruben Piirainen.

Everyone is buzzing about the story of Bella the honey bee! She undergoes a series of adventures in hopes of finding her place in the hive. On Bella’s brave quest, we learn about the various roles necessary in making a bee hive function, as well as the importance of teamwork. With the help of her friends and the Queen, Bella discovers that when you continue to “try, try, try” and encourage one another, you can accomplish the goal you’ve all been working towards. This world-premiere children’s opera is based off an original story by SHARP Literacy. Children will benefit from combined classroom curriculum, moral lessons and music education in a fun and exciting way.

Length: 35 minutes
Performed in English
(suitable for grades K-5)
By Ruben Piirainen

The Florentine Opera will entertain and engage students in schools, libraries, and various community venues for eight weeks beginning in January, 2018.

A Busy Bee features the 2017-2018 Baumgartner Studio Artists. These artists-in-residence portray the characters and facilitate an educational, post-performance question and answer session with audiences.

The Florentine Opera Company provides schools with a Teacher Resource Guide* designed to enhance student’s learning experience. The resource guide provides supplemental opera and music education materials, and connects the program to Wisconsin Academic Standards. Using visual, aural and action methods, A Busy Bee exposes students to opera in a multi-disciplinary format. Additionally, students receive the developmental benefits of arts education, such as expanded abstract thinking and problem solving abilities, increased interest in self-expression, and a venue to enhance self-discipline, communication skills, perseverance and leadership.



Resource guide coming soon!

For more information or to schedule a performance: 
Contact John Stumpff, Education & Outreach Manager, at 414-291-5700 ext. 214.