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Opera On The Go!


An operatic version of the story of The Billy Goats Gruff based on scenes from operas by W. A. Mozart, G. Donizetti and G. Rossini.

An after school game of hide and seek is ruined for three billy goat friends when a big bully blocks a bridge, preventing them from being able to go home. Remembering what their moms, dads and teachers have told them about dealing with bullies, two boy billy goats resolve to go home a different, longer way and share their difficulties with grownups. The littlest girl goat, however, not wanting to abandon the beloved doll that’s been snatched from her, tromps to the crest of the bridge and, confronting the bully, prevails by inadvertently pushing him into the creek below. Concerned for his well being, she shows her would-be adversary kindness by asking if he’s OK. He responds by asking if she’s OK. By the time the two boys return with help, she’s able to introduce a soggy, forlorn ex-bully as their new friend.

Length: 40 minutes
Performed in English
(suitable for grades K-5)
By John Davies

The Florentine Opera will entertain and engage students in schools, libraries, and various community venues for eight weeks beginning in January, 2017.

The Billy Goats Gruff features the 2016-2017 Florentine Opera Studio Artists. These artists-in-residence portray the beloved characters and facilitated an educational, post-performance question and answer session with audiences.

The Florentine Opera Company provides teachers with a Teacher Resource Guide* designed to enhance student’s learning experience. The resource guide provides supplemental opera and music education materials, and connects the program to Wisconsin Academic Standards. Using visual, aural and action methods, The Billy Goats Gruff exposes students to opera in a multi-disciplinary format. Additionally, students receive the developmental benefits of arts education, such as expanded abstract thinking and problem solving abilities, increased interest in self-expression, and a venue to enhance self-discipline, communication skills, perseverance and leadership.



Click here to download our Teacher Resource Guide for The Billy Goats Gruff

For more information or to schedule a performance: 
Contact John Stumpff, Education & Outreach Manager, at 414-291-5700 ext. 214.
Booking is now CLOSED for 2017 performances. Scheduling for the 2018 tour will begin in August.