Straight from one of our youngest patrons, the Florentine Opera Presents: Why Kids Should See an Opera

Tips for bringing kids to the opera

If you are looking to introduce your children or grandchildren to the opera, use these three tips from the Florentine to help ensure that everyone has a great experience:

  1. Talk about the story and characters before the show. This way your kids will better understand what is happening during the live performance. Listening to the music and even watching parts of the opera online are great ideas!
  2. Make it a fun family day out! Let your kids pick which restaurant to eat at before the show. Or, stop for a treat after the performance and let everyone talk about their favorite part.
  3. Try a matinee, especially for younger children. An afternoon performance will help prevent young kids from feeling tired or restless, which could happen when an evening performance goes past bedtime.
  4. Confirm repertoire is age appropriate. Some operas include themes and content that is not always suitable for children. Give our box office a call at 1-800-32-OPERA to confirm if a performance is a good fit for your kids.